Fall Recreation

When does fall season start?…….The weekend after labor day.

When are sign ups for fall?……Previous players at closing ceremony also 2nd week of June

What if I miss registration?……Open registration is until July15 after July 15th a late fee applies.

If I have a registration form where do I mail it?…….P.O. Box 91 Westport Ma 02790 

Who do I write the check out to?….WUYS

When are recreation games played?…..On Saturdays unless rain then on the Sunday if possible.

Where are practices and games?…….Russell Davis Field 914 Sanford Rd 

When are our team practices?……They are at the discretion of the coach

How long is the season?……. It is 10 weeks: 9 weeks of play and the 10th is closing ceremony 

Do we play on closing ceremony?….No the kids just wear their team shirt to ceremony

How old do you have to be to play?….Our league is Age 4-16 however you must be 4 by September 1st. 

Do boys and girls play together?…..Yes

What is recreation soccer?…..Recreation soccer: We teach the fundamentals of the game while having fun learning. Scores and standings are not kept. 

How are the ages divided?…..Mighty Mights (age 4)  Pee Wee (age 5-6) Passer (age 7-8) Wing (age 9-10) Striker (age 11-12) and Seniors (age 13-16).

When time do we play on a Saturday? It could be anywhere from 9-2:30.  

When do we find out our team time? Your coaches give out schedules at first practice.

Is there practices for 4-6 year olds?…No they show up at a designated time on Saturdays only.

Spring and Fall Travel

What is travel league?….It is competitive league with 23 other towns. From Norton to the Cape including the Islands.

What age can you start playing? You must be 8 years old or in 2nd grade by August 1.

What are the age groups? They range from U8-U18. 

Is  it coed? No we have boys teams and girls team.